Petrone group hystory and family

Petrone Group pharmaceutical distribution

Petrone Group is a private, family-owned company, involved in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and health since the 1960’s.

Comprised of over thirty companies and offices in Italy and Spain they serve customers located in the European Union, North Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Singapore, and Oceania as well as Italy.

The Group deals in trade and the pharmaceutical distribution.

They have a strong presence in the Italian and Spanish markets, with retail sales through pharmacies (Naples and Barcelona) as well as herbal goods (Naples). They also have rehabilitation centers in Campania (accredited with the Italian Health Service, SSN). They also have subsidiaries in cosmetics and pharmaceutical distribution.

Their growth allows you to explore a wide range of opportunities and new partnerships to find an advantageous position and utilize their experience gained in the field.

tà e nuove partnership per consolidare le posizioni e sfruttare l’esperienza acquisita nel settore. Mission