Petrone Group – Medical device distribution

Petrone Group, trusted partner in the pharmaceutical sector for 30 years, has taken an important position in the worldwide procurement and distribution of medical disposable and medical equipment. We have access to a large and various products portfolio, thanks to our extensive supply network.

 We aim at customer satisfaction through:

– Original and quality products, authorized by the Ministry of Health, supplied only from authorized distributors and manufacturers.

– Competitive prices, we offer enough space for your prices in order to negotiate appropriately.

– Service of excellence attentive to your needs

We follow you in all the essential stages of the purchase, through our meticulous assistance:

– Pre-purchase: from the quotation to the negotiation of the price, providing all the products with photographs and all the useful information for the correct and complete knowledge of the product you are going to buy.

– Purchase: processing the order, providing all the necessary updates on the status of the product and organizing all the documentation for a quick shipment.

– After-purchase: efficient return management.

This has contributed to our recognition as a reliable and high-quality partner with an excellent reputation. 

Our product range includes products such as:

– medical devices,

– diagnostics,

– sanitary kits,

– surgical equipment.

Our service is addressed to:

– Distributors

– Retailers

– Platforms b2b and b2c

– medical clinics and other approved institutions.

If you are looking for an authorized distributor, reliable and with a solid network, please contact us.

We will be happy to assist you with any questions and information, to discuss business opportunities and to respond directly to a quotation request with competitive and tailored offers. For medical device distribution enquire: