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Petrone Group - Pharmaceutical distributor

Petrone Group is a holding company of approximately 30 firms, operating in the pharmaceutical, parapharma and health sectors.

Petrone Group, Italian Pharmaceutical wholesaler distributor

We have been operating, as a supplier in the market of:
- Pharmaceuticals
- Parapharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical device
- Food supplements
- Orphan drugs on “order to cash” basis
- OTC drugs in italy
- Comparator sourcing for clinical trial.

Petrone group handles import / export and distribution of all types of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products and is in many regards a one-stop shop that can supply brand name drugs (branded) or an equivalent (generic), for human use or veterinarians.

Our long experience in these fields made us become a market leader in the worldwide pharma scenario. We guarantee reliable long-term business relationships by an accurate costumer care and providing deep assistance for any requirements you might have.

Pharmaceutical Database

In this section of the site it is possible to search our product lists, including over 37,000 entries, belonging to the official pharmacopoeia of Italy. Please note that, apart from these products, we are able to supply a large number of other items such as Parapharmaceuticals and Medical devices (CE Mark). Our sales department is at your disposal for any information you should need about these products.

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The Petrone Group is particularly aware of the social responsibility of its companies, exercising its business always respecting ethical and social values