F&A Support -outsourcing service

The Group has the consolidated expertise, skills and resources to provide small and medium businesses with the most innovative outsourcing services and accounting processes for administration and financial business.

The main goal is to support companies in their sector, especially foreign ones just starting up. The Group provides them with the know-how and techniques it has developed so far, and its skills in logistical support, introducing them to a process of internationalization and optimized efficiency and precision.

The technicians and highly qualified consultants of Petrone Group employ computer systems, software and on-demand solutions, which meet all the accounting, tax, administrative and financial needs, with a focus on business activities related to the health care world.

Among the main services offered are: general accounting, both analytical and industrial, administrative management of the buying and selling process, logistics, management control, budget reporting, treasury management and assistance in the negotiation of credit lines, financial planning, tax assistance and preparation of all statements.