Integrated logistics services

Petrone group, through one of its companies, the STMPHARMAPRO Srl, offers a full range of integrated logistics services, stationary and pharmaceutical distribution in Italy and has adopted a customer oriented approach to its operations.

After careful analysis of the needs of the customer, a proposal is made that allows them to work side by side with the customer.

They are ever committed to their level of performance, striving for quality and punctuality. The basic flow of activities includes both receiving and storage areas equipped with products ordered from Customer Service (either by the client or directly by customers), and their warehouse is set up for shipping orders with reliable and specialized carriers.

STMPHARMAPRO Srl operates through three proprietary platforms with specific merchandise (Cambiago, Grezzago and Pozzuoli) and uses two secondary systems for repackaging (Brescia and Pozzuoli) that fully meet the needs of the whole country with almost 30 thousand square meters of warehouses and more than 35 thousand pallet spaces of which 386 are refrigerated 240 dedicated to pharmaceuticals.

The Information System managed by Pharmaceutical Logistics Srl is based on an IBM iSeries (formerly AS / 400) that supports software dedicated to all warehousing and distribution activities. The specific procedure Quick EDD, which uses mirroring between the two locations, ensures management continuity even in case of a disaster.

The rooms housing the hardware are tailor-made, air-conditioned, serviced by UPS and generators, dual redundant power with intrusion and fire detection systems. Backups are performed on a daily basis.

The security of stored goods is an important factor of the logistics service, which is the highest order. Product protection is guaranteed by intrusion detection systems at multiple levels: there is perimeter protection around the industrial complexes, a perimeter security for the operational units and video surveillance systems connected to private security firms. All areas of the warehouses and offices are protected by fire and smoke detection systems as well.

All platforms pertaining to STMPHARMAPRO Srl operate with the highest standards of quality and are in possession of the necessary ministerial authorizations for the management of pharmaceuticals.

Procedures defining the Groups quality system have received extremely positive feedback from leading international pharmaceutical companies.

Units in Cambiago, Pozzuoli and Grezzago STMPHARMAPRO Srl have implemented and maintained a quality management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001.2008 for the deposit activity and distribution of pharmaceutical products for third parties, parapharmaceutical, cosmetics, food.

Petrone group with STMPHARMAPRO Srl, offers a full range of integrated logistics services, stationary and pharmaceutical distribution in Italy and has adopted a customer oriented approach to its operations.

Logistics services BOX

Delivery in 24 hours
National and international
Activities of customer service (collection, entry and order processing)
Management controlled temperature storage
Management of drugs for human use
Managing narcotics
Quarantine Management
Quality control input on stock
Claim Management
Radio frequency
Number Stickers Progressive Management
Management of samples and promotional materials
Collection rendered unsaleable destruction
Information services and administrative BOX

Traceability of the lots and recall management
Traceability of the drugs
Stock Evaluation
Monitoring of the activities through key indicators
Tracking of shipments
Preparation and sending statistics
Billing in the name and on behalf of client companies
Management marks
General Services BOX

multi-send management
multi warehouse management
management data base (items / customers) manual or automatically updated by luxuries received from principal
management articles for FEFO / FIFO, storage, batch imposed
management blocks on availability of goods per item, lot, single entrance to the warehouse, lease or rental to full article
management leases single or multi article
management orders for shipping for manual Order Entry or receiving flow customized to client
EDI connections, email
management Tracking and Tracing
multilingual management
management of business and Order Entry