Petrone Group has seven rehabilitation centers and diagnostic imaging units, with a wide range of services and treatments offered to patients in southern Italy.

Rehabilitation centers

Petrone Group has seven rehabilitation centers and diagnostic imaging units, with a wide range of services and treatments offered to patients in southern Italy.

The rehabilitation centers in Campania are accredited facilities with the National Health Service for rehabilitation. Outpatient treatment, home care are available for patients with paralysis, impaired coordination, developmental delays, speech and communication disorders,   and sensory deficits as well as specialized therapies (for example, speech therapy for voice disorders typical of actors and singers, global postural re-education, massage therapy for lymphatic drainage, gymnastics with cardiologists in place) sometimes in collaboration with the CNR.

Particular attention is placed on the rehabilitation of diseases as well as sports injuries. Many professional sports clubs turn to the centers for rehabilitation from trauma to bone and muscle.

The integrated, multi-disciplined teams that take care of the patients are generally formed as required by speech therapist, physical therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist and orthopedic. Each patient is followed not only by therapists, but by social workers, the Medical Director, a psychologist and whatever medical specialists the disease may require. Trainers constantly follow training courses on the latest techniques and therapies.

There are also agreements in place with public facilities (hospitals, polyclinics, ASL and CNR) for the specific rehabilitation protocols for conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cognitive deficits, multiple sclerosis and osteogenesis imperfecta.

One in particular is with the Manzoni Centre and the Futura Centre are partners of the Children’s Psychology Associates of Miami. The Dinastar Centre and Scoliosis Center are partners of the Chair of Geriatrics, University Federico II in Naples, while the Manzoni Centre and the Dinastar Centre are partners of the chair of Neurological Sciences, University Federico II of Naples.

All centers are certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 (Vision 2000).

Centro FLEGREO Srl

Via Nabucco 96 – 80126 Napoli

Tel +39 081 726 7149


Centro FUTURA Srl

Via Taddeo da Sessa 75 – 80143 Napoli

Tel +39 081 563 5854

Fax +39 081 553 8597


Centro MANZONI Srl

Via Porta Posillipo 42 – 80123 Napoli

Tel +39 081 769 2135 Tel +39 081 7692 440


Centro Medico Riabilitativo POMPEI Srl

Via Strada Statale 145, 90 – 80045 Pompei NA

Tel +39 081 536 9995

Fax +39 081 862 8165


Centro Studi della SCOLIOSI Srl I.F.K.O. Srl

Via Vicinale di Piscinola 15 – 80154 Napoli

Tel +39 081 543 1111

Fax +39 081 543 5826


Via Cisterna dell’Olio 40/44 – 80134 Napoli

Tel +39 081 552 2805



Piazza Ettore Vitale 66/70 – 80126 Napoli

Tel +39 081 728 1806

– Fax +39 081 766 2485



Via Carlo Pisacane 29 – 80139 Napoli

Tel +39 081 457 102

Fax +39 081 293 898