History of Petrone Group

In the 60's Carmine Petrone gave birth to the group, acquiring ownership of a pharmacy from his father, who had himself received the business from his father which had had its roots since the nineteenth century. At the time Carmine and his wife Fernanda might not have known it, but they were laying the foundation for what would become an important business reality. The next decade saw vast changes from big-thinking entrepreneurs who knew how to take hold of opportunities. Later, a partnership with Commander Lauro and his fleet of ships, forged the way for a leap into intercontinental import-export. Today the groups companies vary from logistics to research, and have past the limits of the pharmaceutical world and are a shining example of a well-planned organization that can sustain growth and diversity. Even before the 80s, the Petrone Group was facing the world of psycho-motor rehabilitation. They partnered with renowned names in the field such as the Children's Psychology Associates of Miami for the treatment of autistic children, the CNR of Rome, and the University Federico II in Naples.